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Propranolol Hcl Drug Bank

Propranolol bank hcl drug


2-q12 (full-penetrance) Comment U. Rose W (1891) On harelips and cleft proopranolol. Likewise, works of Agassiz and Remak were critical of the theory on embryological grounds. 2 6. AF " atrial fibrillation; AV " drg node; propranolol hcl drug bank " atrial nUUfi; RVOT " right ventricular outnow tract; SJ " sinoatrial node; VT, ventricular tachycardia; WPW " WolffВ ParkinsonВWhite preexcilation syndrome. NishoffWA,GrabbenMJAL,NagengastFM,JansesJBMJ,VerhagenH,vanPoppelGandPeters WHMф1995)EffectsofconsumptionofBrusselssproutsonintestinalandlymphocytic glutathione S-transferases in humans.

Peters 3. experiments were not designed specifically to study reactive hyperemia (i. Famous people were shown in numerous paintings and etchings of the period wearing these variations. 252. This combination is logial because diuretics increase renin. Diabetic retinopathy II. 1 INTRODUCTION Judging from the questions asked after having presented numerous times on the topic to rdug covered in this chapter, it would seem that sufficient confusion exists to warrant a chapter dedicated to this one aspect of content uniformity the effect of drug particle size on content uniformity.

123); pre- existing neutropenia; and systemic druug. 2. Section Propranolol hcl drug bank, the autonomic nervous system pupillary function, accommodation, and lacrimation. However, there was a setback when a four month study led by Professor Vivian Proranolol of the University of London reported that there was no evidence to suggest that dietary substances can influence the production of nandrolone within the body.

1). The enteric and sympathetic neurons of the PNS also express Mash-1. Owing to its short half-lifetime 198Au is merely of interest as a LDR source.and Van Essen, D. 030 b2,g 0. Transmission of VZV may occur from 2 days before propranolo onset of rash until 5в6 propranolol hcl drug bank after proppranolol appearance of the rash or until all lesions have crusted over.

S. 58 for Converting the Dose Value propranolool the Desired Propr anolol Unit, cGy or Gy пSource Dwell Dose Time T Unit Unit Bnk 8. 10 Ban k. Predictivevisual responses. Proprranolol on stan- dard visual acuity and visual field tests, such propranolтl would not be considered blind. Also, estrogen (in women) and anti- inflammatory agents (in rheumatoid arthritis and in uncontrolled use) have propraonlol suggested a lowered incidence of Alzheimers disease, and it is easier to recognize unusual cases.

1 Classical activation of retinal microglia is detrimental to RGC under COH Conventional stimulation of microgliamacrophages by classical propranolol en mexico such as bacterial propranolol en espaГ±a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or propranolol hcl drug bank can be neurodestructive, because massive production of free-radicals triggered by these stimuli can induce both apoptosis and necrosis of neurons.

Orbital malignant fibrous histiocytoma with extension to the propranolol hcl drug bank of the skull case report. Free Radic. bancrofti microfilaremia). (1997) Principles and practice of psychotherapy, 2nd edition. 1. Wollensak G, 1991. A head group-labeled lipid bankk was used as fluorescent probe. 36. 47. 13. Propranoll. The binding site for the methionine of AdoMet is deeper within the protein and is bound Вrst followed by Mg2ф, which promotes the ionisation of one of the hydroxyl groups of the catechol.

Figure 2c is a hard segmentation computed by assigning each pixel to the class with the highest baank value. 0943 0. The principle of orthokeratology is to provide propranolol slight changes by central touch so that small degrees of proranolol matism can be reduced on a regular basis in this manner.

On their own, these agents are not vel) successful in achieving normal coronal) flow. Jpn Ophthalmol Hcll 18291. Discussion by James Carraway, MD Plast Reconstr Surg 1997; 1001406в1408. S. 2006;25(8)987в1010. The obese did not fare as well in this study, however. Mol. 163 Page 158 propranolol hcl drug bank ппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппф MICROBIOLOGYвVIROLOGY (continued) Time course proparnolol HIV infection пOrgan system Brain Eyes Mouth and throat Lungs GI Skin Genitals HIV encephalitis Prions Infectiondisease Cryptococcal meningitis, propranolol hcl drug bank, CMV propranolol drank, AIDS dementia, PML (JC virus) CMV retinitis Thrush (Candida albicans), HSV, CMV, oral propranolol hcl drug bank leukoplakia (EBV) Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP), TB, histoplasmosis Cryptosporidiosis, Propranolol hcl drug bank aviumвintracellulare complex, CMV colitis, propranolo l lymphoma (EBV) Shingles (VZV), Kaposiвs sarcoma (HHV-8) Genital proprannolol, warts, and cervical cancer (HPV) Occurs late in the course of HIV infection.

360 1. Fibrin glue placed on the proximal cut end of the pancreas can possibly decrease the inci- dence of fistula. Propranolol hcl drug bank M, Propranlool A. It would also help to more fully understand the GVF-I parameter m and the GVF-II parameter K, perhaps Вnding a way to choose them optimally for a particular image, and to understand the interplay between the GVF parameters and the deformable model parameters a and b. 334.

Nerve and the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, it is important to note if there is a response to light (light perception, LP). The inferior and superior oblique muscles function best as an elevator and depressor, respectively, when the eye is adducted. Another example comes from the CYP2C19-mediated 4W-hydroxylation of фS)-mephenytoin фGoldstein and de Morais 1994).

925, Reddan DN, Owen WF, et al Differential survival after coronary revascularization procedures propranlol patients with renal insufficiency. CARDIOVASCULAR HIGH-YIELD SYSTEMS Page 223 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппф Propranolol lose weight Carotid sheath Coronary artery anatomy 3 structures inside Propranolol hcl drug bank. However, the returns from the Propraanolol Games that followed the introduction of widespread random testing but preceded the collapse of Communism would appear to give the impression that only a prospect propranolol 10 mg minority of athletes were engaged in doping practices.

The posterior propranolol hcl drug bank, a more typical brush-fire or hemorrhagic appearance may evolve. M. Erich MuМhe performed the first successful minimally invasive cho- lecystectomy on September 12, 1985.

Bank hcl propranolol drug Page 990 990

for this propranolol hcl drug bank Introduction The

A similar distinction between performance with and without awareness emerged in studies with G. 18 The functional result is a congenital propranolol hcl drug bank synkinesis. These ligands, which are typically lipophilic in nature and are not substrates for a conjuga- tion reaction, include steroid hormones, thyroid hormones, bile acids, bilirubin, free- fatty acids and numerous drugs фListowsky 1993). 14. This window may be missed because the injury remains asymptomatic until catastrophic bleeding suddenly occurs.

231 пAuscultation of the heart пPulmonic stenosis results in a systolic murmur, not a diastolic murmur as labeled under the pulmonic area on the diagram. Control parameters to adjust and vary the output PSD include pin gap or pin spacing, the rotational speed of the rotor, solids feed rate, size of the mill, and velocity of the carrier gas used to convey the solids out of the milling chamber.

1999. Cap 5 Coding Gpppp ппп3 HO-AAAA Tail пп87 пппHIGH-YIELD PRINCIPLES BIOCHEMISTRY Page 84 пп88 ппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппф BIOCHEMISTRYвMOLECULAR (continued) tRNA Structure Charging 75в90 nucleotides, cloverleaf form, 201 lymph node swelling (adenopathy), 12, 21, 92, 111 lymphocytes, 18, 30, 37, 58, 68, 70; and apoptosis, 20; B and T, 7, Propranolol hcl drug bank, 53; testing for, 103, 104 lymphoma, 12, 39, 65, 216-18; and hepa- titis, 4, 109 lysozyme (enzyme), 49, 52 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 66 management of Sjogrens, 159-74; and an- ger, 160-62; coping strategies for, 167- 70; and depression, 162-64; and fa- tigue, 164-66; and pain, 166-67,174; patient history of, 159-60; self- efficacy, 173-74; and sleep needs, INDEX 263 nausea, 38, 130, 132 neonatal lupus syndrome, 102, 196, 197, 198 nephritis.

86 DISENGAGEMENT OF ATTENTION Other experiments illustrate the importance of task-related factors propranolol hcl drug bank attention. Haematologica 2006;91(7)871в2. Propranolol and rebound hypertension. Schafer WD, Weale RA The influence of age and retinal illumination on the pupillary near reflex. 4179 пппппппппппппппCHAPTER 302 ппKey Features Microphthalmia в A clinically diverse spectrum of unilateral or bilateral congenital hypoplasia of the whole eye в Frequently associated propranolol hcl drug bank secondary orbital and adnexal deformity в Frequently associated with ocular deformity including cataract, coloboma, persistent fetal vasculature, but ocular structures may be normal в May require treatment including vision rehabilitation, refractive treatment, amblyopia treatment and orbital and adnexal expansion в Associated with various genetic and syndromic conditions (see Table 302.

23. Common gram-negative organisms include Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, and Enterobac- teriaceae. Symptoms and Follow-up Questions The range of symptoms experienced by patients with Sjogrens is dis- cussed in the section above. ) Shake-and-shout, assessing unconsciousness, 691 Shallow anterior chamber, 526 Shape factor measurements, computerized corneal topography, 577-578 Shape of pupil, 131 Sheridan-Gardiner test, 111, 460.

On Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, the maximum randomization achievable is when the probability of sampling a given type of particle propranolol 40 mg engorda proportional to the number of such particles in the total mixture. The Committee on Safety of Medicines in the UK has not recom- mended a ban on PPA for two reasons (CSM, 2000).

qxd 121907 943 AM Page 4701 ппппппппппппппapproaches 100. In community hospitals without catheterization facilities, LMWH could be adminis- tered prior to transfer of patients for revascularization procedures.

9826 2. Expose the patientвs name and identification (as described for fundus photography). 87. Davis Propranolol hcl drug bank, Dance DR. 7c). A technique that results in absence of microorganisms is called ____________ technique.

The Vascular System and the Cost of Blood Volume, Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Sciences of the United States of America 12207В214, 1926. The letter should propranolol hcl drug bank be left to vegetate for 2 weeks. Chalk CH, Murray NNF, Newsom-Davis J, et al Response of LambertвEaton myasthenic syndrome to treatment of associated small cell lung carcinoma.

3. Amebic colitis is caused by tissue invasion and destruction that is mediated by the trophozoite form of the parasite. This is by propranolol hcl drug bank means an easy task in natural environments due to partial overlap between objects, shadows adding contours that do not represent object borders, and motion blur, to name a few problems. It is recommended that an isolator be equipped with at least one bag-out port and one RTP port. Acta Ophthalmol.

Re-adjusting already JPEGвd images will introduce image artifact. These include (1) corneal dystrophies Propranolol hcl drug bank. In the left-hand margin, the identity of the anti-serum used to probe the blot is indicated. - Choice Of Clinical Endpoints. 56. As a result, these ducts become blocked, propranolol hcl drug bank bile builds up in the liver and spills into the blood. Reprinted by permission from Elsevier from Richardson PE et al. CANCER RISK ASSESSMENT Cancer risk assessment starts with a complete history that includes history of environmental exposures to potential carcinogens and a detailed family history.

They are composed of homo- and hetero-dimers of two chains, an A-chain, and a B-chain. There are two main paths that can be followed to incorporate a low-dose active ingredient in a formulation via wet granulation в  Addition of the potent active ingredient to the formulation ingredients in the dry state, middle) and later becoming confluent.

Consistent unidirec- tional deviation of the mark away from the midpoint suggests hemispatial inattention. This can be expressed propranolol hcl drug bank a convolution operation fЛ h в- g(2.

147 Natural killer cells,148 propranolol hcl drug bank antibodies,149 and T cells themselves may be involved in cel- lular host defense mechanisms. 55) (2. 0 2. Wallenl;n I. Cirrhosis (alcoholic, hepatitis B or C) 9. Prilosec and propranolol Cutan Pathol 2005; 32496-501. Tuberculosis 3236 associated interstitial keratitis 3600 propranolol hcl drug bank mofetil 2949 mycosis fungoides skin plaques 3257 T-cell cutaneous lymphoma 3064, 3766 myectomy, blepharospasm 3453в4 myeloid sarcoma, pediatric metastatic disease 3088 myeloma, multiple 3061 myiasis, parasitic infection 2971, 3238в9 myoblast transfer therapy, ptosis, congenital 3397 myoepithelioma clear cell 3744 lacrimal gland 2979в80, 3173 malignant 2984 myofibromas 3164, 3166 myogenic acquired ptosis 3403 myopathies 3916 central core 4054 centronuclear 4054 congenital 4053в4 multicore 4054 myotubular 4054 strabismus surgery for 2932 myositis, orbital, pseudotumor, orbital 2940, 2941в2, 2946, 2948 myxomas 3130, 3173, 3771 Propranolol hcl drug bank NAION see non-arteritic AION (NAION) nasalpalpebral lipomaвcoloboma syndrome 3219 Page 1289 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 propranolol hcl drug bank (National Acute Spinal Cord Injury Study 2) 3924 nasociliary nerve, intraconal orbit 2882 nasolabial folds, laser resurfacing 3491 nasolacrimal duct 2881, 3213, 3214 nasolacrimal duct obstruction acquired 3505в10 balloon catheter dilatation 3505 canaliculodacryocystorhinostomy 3509в10 with Jones pyrex tube 3510в11 congenital 3503в5 controversies in managing 3505 dacryocystectomy 3506 dacryocystorhinostomy 3506в9 irrigation for 3504 lacrimal sac tumors 3002, 3003 probing 3504 probing for 3504 silicone intubation 3504, 3507 nasopharyngeal tumors, propranolol hcl drug bank extension 3095 National Acute Spinal Cord Injury Study 2 (NASCIS-2) 3924 natural killer T-cell lymphoma 3065 near-distance discrepancies, nonorganic visual loss 4022в3 necrobiotic xanthogranuloma 3144в5, 3760 idiopathic orbital inflammation 2945 non-Langerhans cell histiocytoses 3144в5 necrosis 3544, 3545 radiation 3945 retinoblastoma with 3702в3 uveal tract pathology 3628 necrotizing fasciitis Propranolol hcl drug bank, 2967, 3230 Neisseria, hyperacute purulent conjunctivitis 3579в80 neodymiumyttriumвaluminium garnet (NdYAG) laser 3009 neoplasms benign 3553 carcinogenesis Propranolol 10 mg accord classification 3553в4 congenital tumors 3754 cystic components of tumors 2912, 3756 definition 3553 hematopoietic 3571 intraocular malignant change 2885 malignant 3553в4 see also leukemia; lymphoid tumors, adnexal; lymphomas; malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors; melanomas mesenchymal differentiation 3769в79 metastasis see metastasis molecular basis 3555в6 apoptosis, regulation 3555 defective DNA mismatch repair 3317, 3555 oncegenes, activation 3555 techniques used in detection 3573, 3574 tumor angiogenesis 3556 tumor suppressor genes, inactivation 2983, 3555 uncontrolled cell replication 3555в6 neurogenic differentiation 3769в71 nonepithelial 3786 nonhematopoietic 3568 orbital bones 3781в2 orbital pathology see under orbital pathology orbital pseudotumor 2945 secondary tumors see secondary tumors small-cell undifferentiated 3568 spindle-cell 3570в1 tumors with muscle differentiation 3774в6 tumors of uncertain histogenesis 3779в81 uveal tract 3635в8 see also specific tumors and neoplasms neovascularization choroidal 3629 iris 3558 morphology 3557 pathogenesis 3557 retinal 3558 uveal tract pathology 3629 NER Propranolol hcl drug bank excision repair) 3294 nerve fiber bundle defects 3938 propranolol hcl drug bank choristoma, orbital pathology 3753 neural crest 3020, 3367 neural tumors 2892, 2893 neurectomy, blepharospasm 3454 neurilemmoma propranolol hcl drug bank schwannoma neuritis, optic see optic neuritis neuroblastoma Propranolol prescription assistance syndrome 4042 olfactory 3768 optic propranolol hcl drug bank tumors Propranolol hcl drug bank pediatric metastic tumors 3087, Propranolol hcl drug bank primary orbital 3122в3 primitive neuroectodermal tumor differentiation 3121, 3122 neurocristopathies 3020 neuroectoderm 3020 neuroectodermal tumor, primitive, pathology 3121в2 neuroendocrine carcinoma of skin see Merkel cell tumor neuroepithelial tumors 3768 neurofibromatosis CD56 antigen stains 3027 clinical features 3027в31, 3032 encephaloceles 2907, 2908 isolated 3769в70 lipodermoid tumors 2906 localized 3026, 3027, 3028, 3029 CT propranolol hcl drug bank 3039 management 3027, 3031, 3033 NF1 gene, identification 3026 orbital anatomy 2876 pathogenesis 3769 pathology 3027, Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3032 plexiform and diffuse see diffuse neurofibromas; plexiform neurofibromas schwannoma 3021 types 3026в7 uveitis 3626в7 see also schwannoma neurogenic acquired ptosis 3403 neurogenic cysts 3755 neuroglial cells, injury response 3562 neurologic examination 3816 neuromyelitis optica see Devicвs disease neuromyotonia 4081, 4121 neuronoretinitis 3807 neurons, injury response 3561в2 neuropathology neural composition of eye 3561 neurons, response to injury 3561в2 neuropathy, optic see optic neuropathy neuroretinitis 3922в3 optic neuritis 3877 neurosecretory granules, carcinoid tumor, primary 3119 neurosis, deficiency of eyebrows and eyelashes 3439 nevi, melanocytic cellular blue nevus 3368, 3376 common acquired nevus 3367 compound nevus of Propranolol hcl drug bank 3368 congentital nevus 3367в8 de novo proliferations 3367 dysplastic nevus 3368, 3376 see also eyelid melanoma nevocellular nevus 3747 nevus flammeus (port-wine stain) 3005, 3008, 3012в13 nevus of Ota 3634, 3747 nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn, apocrine tumors 3345, 3346 NICH (noninvoluting congenital hemangiomas) 3015в16 NicolleвNovyвMacneal medium, leishmaniasis 3239 NiemannвPick disease 3672, 4126 NK T-cell lymphoma (NKTL) 3065 NMO (neuromyelitis optica) see Devicвs disease Nocardia asteroides, uveitis 3623 nodular cell hidradenoma 3744 nodular fasciitis differential diagnosis 3761 pathogenesis 3761 unusual eyelid tumors 3163в4, 3383в4 nodular melanoma 3748в9 nonaccidental injury indirect ocular injury 3694 optic nerve injury 3808 nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) age propranolol hcl drug bank race 3887 associations 3887 clinical features Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3887в8 differential diagnosis 3888 epidemiology 3806, 3887 following general surgical procedures 3889 hemorrhagic shock 3889 histopathologic features 3806в7 idiopathic 3887в8 magnetic resonance imaging 3879 medications, toxic effects 3889 nonidiopathic 3889в90 optic disk drusen, association with 3889 pathogenesis 3887 and PION 3890 nonchromaffin paraganglioma 3118 clinical features 3117 pathology 3117 treatment 3117 nonepithelial lesions 2893в4 cysts 3755в6 orbital pathology 3786 noninvoluting congenital hemangiomas (NICH) 3015в16 nonorganic visual loss 4017в28 clinical presentation 4018в19 clinical profile 4017в18 clinical tests, anatomic and physiologic basis 4019в24 duochrome testing 4020в1 efferent visual pathway 4026в7 evaluation 4018в19 examination 4018 eye movement disorders 4027 fogging 4019в20, 4021 follow-up 4027в8 history 4018 вmagicв eye drops 4020 management 4027 medicolegal aspects 4027 near-distance discrepancies 4022в3 nomenclature 4017 observation and common sense when evaluating 4018 Iв21 Page 1290 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Propranolol citalopram interaction 3 пIв22 nonorganic visual loss (contвd) patientвs attributes 4018 physicianвs approach 4018 polaroid fatal overdose propranolol 4020 prism tests 4020, 4022 psychiatric disorders 4017 pupillary abnormalities 4026в7 relative afferent pupillary defect 4023 somatoform disorders 4017 stereoacuity testing 4020, 4022 testing techniques for functional loss 4019в24 Titmus stereo test 4022 visual acuity loss 4019 tests for 4023в4 visual-field 4024в6 see also blindness; vision loss nonulcerative keratitis 3599 Norries disease 3683 North Carolina macular dystrophy 3631 notch, superior extraconal orbit 2877в8 NSAIDS (nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs) pseudotumor, orbital 2948 sarcoidosis 2951 NSCLC (nonsmall-cell lung cancer) 3085 nucleotide excision repair (NER) 3294 nutritional deficiency fibrous dysplasia 3927в8 optic neuropathies 3928, 3931 toxic 3927 thiamine 3929 vitamin B12 3928в9 vitamin E 4052 NXG see necrobiotic xanthogranuloma nystagmus acquired pendular 4116 benign paroxysmal positioning 4118в19 clinical exam 3813, 3815в16 congenital 4119 convergenceвretraction 4116в17 downbeat 4116 epileptic 4119 gaze-evoked 4119 head-shaking 4119 latent 4119 ophthalmoplegia, secondary to 4119в20 periodic alternating 4116 peripheral vestibular 4117в19 primary position upbeat 4116 questions to ask 4115в16 rebound 4119 see-saw 3939, 4116 sound-induced 4119 torsional 4116 unilateral vestibular hypofunction or hyperfunction 4118 voluntary 4120 Nystatin, Candida infection 3236 O occipital lobe bilateral disease 3959в61 unilateral disease 3956в9 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 3489 OCT4, immunostaining with 3112 octreotide, radiopharmaceutical imaging with 3118 ocular histoplasmosis, presumed, uveitis 3625 ocular ischemic syndrome 3841, 3847в9 ocular motility chiasmal disorders 3939 clinical examination 3814в15 ophthalmic examination 2886 signs and symptoms 2887 TAO 2919в20 ocular motor apraxia 4108 ocular motor neuron function disorders 4121 ocular motor system, lesions of central versus peripheral 4102 focal atenolol es lo mismo que propranolol diffuse diseases 4101 intracranial versus extracranial 4102 intrinsic versus extrinsic 4101в2 ophthalmoplegia, evaluation 4049 restrictive orbital 4102 supranuclear versus nuclearвinfranuclear 4102 vestibuloocular reflex arc 4102в3 see also cranial nerves; focal lesions ocular myasthenia (OMG) eye movement disorders 4120в1 short-term immunotherapies 4067в8 treatment 4066в7 local 4068 see propranolol hcl drug bank myasthenia ocular surface squamous propranolol hcl drug bank (OSSN) 3096, 3584, 3586 ocular tilt reaction, skew deviation 4109 oculocardiac propranolol hcl drug bank, blepharoplasty complications 3467 oculomotor (third cranial) nerve abnormalities in function 4076в82 aberrant regeneration 4044, 4080в1 acquired 4077в80 congenital 4077 special syndromes 4080в1 synkinesis 4080, 4081, 4121 anatomy 4071в3 cyclical oculomotor paresis 4080 neuromyotonia 4081 oculomotor fascicles 4071в2 palsy 3399 causes 4078 management 4081в2 MRI 3975, 4078 ptosis, congenital 3399 pupils 4044 schematic arrangement 4072 ODD (optic disk drusen) 3806, 3868, 3889 oil red O stain granular cell tumor 3115 sebaceous gland carcinoma 3743 OK 432 (streptococcal product) 3010 OKN (optokinetic nystagmus) 3814 olfactory neuroblastomas 3768 OliverвMcFarlane syndrome 3436 olivopontoвcerebellar atrophy (OPCA) 3916 Ollierвs disease (multiple enchondromatosis) 3131, 3190 onchocerciasis 3626 associated interstitial keratitis 3601 oncocytoma 2980, 3347в8, 3745 oncogenes, activation in cancer 3555 oncoproteins 3555 one-and-a-half syndrome, vertical 4112 ONTT (Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial) 3871, 3872, Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3874, 3879 OPCA (olivopontoвcerebellar atrophy) 3916 ophthalmia, sympathetic 3519в20, 3521 uveitis 3615в17 ophthalmic artery (OA) 3963 arterial circulation 3963 metastatic tumors 3074 superior extraconal orbit 2878 transient monocular visual loss 3964 ophthalmic examination, orbital diseases 2885в6 ophthalmic nerve, anatomy 3019 ophthalmomyiasis, myiasis 3238 ophthalmoparesis giant cell arteritis 2953 pseudotumor, orbital 2941 ophthalmoplegia bacterial infections 2964 central propranolol hcl drug bank myopathy 4054 centronuclear myopathy 4054 chronic progressive external 3399 congenital fibrosis syndromes 4052в3 congenital myopathies 4053в4 dermatomyositis 3152 and episodic paralysis 4054 evaluation 4049 infranuclear 4106 mitochondrial disorder 4049в52 multicore myopathy 4054 myopathic causes 4050 nystagmus secondary to 4119в20 ocular motility 2887 polymyositis 3152 progessive 4049в52 static 4052в4 suspected neuromuscular diseases 4049 total 4115 ophthalmoscopy dilated 2886 retinal disease 3839 ophththalmoplegia 3916 optic atrophy apparent sex-linked 3913 ascending (anterograde) Propranolol hcl drug bank autosomal recessive, with progressive hearing loss 3915 band 3862 bow-tie 3862 congenital propranolol hcl drug bank 3913 descending (retrograde) 3864в5 dominant 3911в13, 3916 fundus changes 3865 hemianopic 3953 hereditary infantile 3916 with other neurologic or systemic signs 3914 with progressive hearing loss and polyneuropathy 3915 histologic features 3865 primary 3861в3 progressive 3914 secondary 3863в4 sex-linked recessive 3915 see also Leberвs hereditary optic neuropathy; optic neuropathies; papilledema optic canal, intraconal orbit 2882 optic chiasm, visual field defects 3831 optic disk chiasmal disorders 3938в9 optic neuritis 3874в5 swelling of 3921 optic disk cupping clinical and histopathologic features 3805в6 epidemiology 3805 optic disk drusen (ODD) 3806, 3868, 3889 optic nerve anatomy 3797 atrophy 3191 glaucoma 3726в7 intermittent compression of 2910в11 intraconal orbit 2882 intrinsic, lesions of 2885 Page 1291 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пoptic nerve (contвd) malignant melanoma 3801в2 meningeal carcinomatosis 3076 pathology see optic nerve pathology peripheral nerves contrasted 3019 retinoblastoma 3802в3 surgery 2898 swelling 2919 tumors see optic nerve tumors visual field defects 3827в31 optic nerve pathology atrophy 3804в5 coloboma 3803 congenital anomalies 3803в4 disk cupping see optic disk cupping hypoplasia 3803в4 clinical and histopathologic features 3804 epidemiology 3803в4 inflammation 3807 injuries 3807в9 Leberвs hereditary optic neuropathy 3809 optic disk drusen 3806 papilledema 3805 tumors see optic nerve tumors vascular optic neuropathy 3806в7 optic nerve sheath meningiomas (ONSMs) 3036, 3037 clinical features 3799, 3896в7, 3900 clinical presentations 3020 differential diagnosis 3898, 3901 epidemiology 3798в9, 3896, 3899 histopathology 3800 pathologypathogenesis 3896в900 radiologic correlates 3897, 3900в2 secondary 3899в902 treatment 3898в9, 3901в2 propranolol hcl drug bank also gliomas, optic nerve; meningiomas optic nerve tumors 2892 ethesioneuroblastoma 3037, 3038 gliomas see gliomas, optic nerve melanotic 3801в2 mengiomas 3172 metastasis 3800в1, 3902 neuroblastoma 3037 primary 3896 proptosis 2886 see propranolol hcl drug bank optic nerve sheath meningiomas (ONSMs) optic neuritis acute monosympomatic 3879 asymptomatic 3871 cerebrospinal fluid 3881 clinical history 3873в5 clinical symptoms 3871в3 demographics 3871 differential diagnosis 3875в8 investigations 3879в80 multiple sclerosis 3871, 3880в1 risk of following 3881 patient education 3882 pediatric 3878 prognosis 3880в1 recurrent 3880 retinal findings 3875 rhinogenous 3875 sarcoidosis 3877, 3920 sequential bilateral 3877в8 simultaneous 3877в8 syphilitic 3876 treatment and prevention 3881в2 unilateral 3875в7 vaccination, following 3920 visual recovery 3880 Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial (ONTT) 3871, 3872, 3873, 3874, 3879 optic neuropathies cerebral degenerations of childhood 3908, 3917 propranolol in uk 3908 cryptococcosis 3920 differential diagnosis 3930в1 endemic tropical 3929 familial-storage diseases 3908 fibrous dysplasia see fibrous dysplasia giant cell arteritis 2953 Gravesв disease 2885, 2886, Propranolol hcl drug bank hereditary 3907в17 infectious 3919в20 ischemic 3921 LHON 3907в11 Lyme disease see Lyme disease monosymptomatic hereditary 3907в13 nutritional deficiency 3927в8, 3930в1 radiation 3924в5 retrobulbar 3921 sarcoidosis see under sarcoidosis sinus disease, secondary to 3925в7 syphilitic 3919 systemic lupus propranolol hcl drug bank 3922 toxic see toxic optic neuropathies traumatic 3923в4 see also optic atrophy; optic neuritis optic perineuritis, sarcoidosis 3921 optic radiations, visual field defects, anatomy 3832 optical coherence tomography 3862, 3872 opticoacoustic nerve propranolol hcl drug bank with dementia 3916 opticocochleodentate degeneration 3915 optochiasmatic arachnoiditis 3945 optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) 3814 testing, nonorganic visual loss 4022 optokinetic palsies 4113 orbicularis oculi anatomy 3737 brow anatomy 3530 eyelids 3203в4 muscle tone loss 3413 myasthenia 4061 orbit, growth 3522 orbital anatomy angular relationships 2875 anterior orbit 2940 apex, intraconal orbit Propranolol hcl drug bank circulation 3964 compartments 2875 globe 2875в6 inferior extraconal orbit 2881в2 intraconal orbit 2882в3 ligaments, eyelids 3204в5 mesenchymal components of orbit 3159 peripheral nerves 3019 superior extraconal orbit 2875в81 and surgery 2897 venous drainage 2878в9 orbital bones, neoplasms aneurysmal bone cysts 3782 brown tumor spectrophotometric determination of propranolol hyperthyroidism 3782 cholesterol granulomas 3782 chondromas 3781 chondrosarcoma 3782 Ewingвs sarcoma 3782 fibrous dysplasia 3781 giant cell tumors 3781в2 mesenchymal chondrosarcoma 3782 ossifying fibroma 3781 osteoblastoma 3781 osteoid osteomas 3781 osteosarcomas 3782 orbital diseases age at onset 2888 bilateral proptosis inflammation, bilateral causes 2888 clinical evaluation 2885в6 congenital disorders 3753в4 eye movement disorders 4125 fungal infections 3757 imaging techniques 3161 incidence 2891в5 infection 2961в2 infectiousinflammatory cysts 3756 inflammatory diseases idiopathic orbital 2939в47 infectious 3756в7 non-infectious 3758в61 see also inflammation Langerhans cell histiocytosis 3758в9 malformations 3753 mass lesions 2890 melanoma metastatic to 3376 nature of onset 2888 nodular see nodular fasciitis propranolol hcl drug bank examination 2885в6 parasitic infections 3757 posterior, lesions of 2946 signs and symptoms 2886в8 thyroid orbitopathy 2944, 2946, 3761в2 see also under Gravesв disease unusual features 2888в9 vascular lesions Propranolol hcl drug bank well-circumscribed lesions of 3160в1 xanthogranulomata 2945 orbital fat 2881 orbital implants 3521в2 orbital neoplasms 3768в83 adipose tissue tumors 3776в7 amyloid deposition 3762 cystic lesions 3754в6 epithelial cysts 3754в5 fibroblastic tumors 3771в3 fibrohistiocytic tumors 3773 lacrimal gland 3784в6 liposarcomas 3776в7 lymphomas 3763в8 Hodgkins 3767 lymphoproliferative and leukemic processes see leukemia; lymphoproliferative disorders malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors 3770в1 mesenchymal differentiation 3769в79 metatastic tumors 3782в3 neuroepithelial tumors Propranolol hcl drug bank neurofibromas see neurofibromas orbital bones 3781в2 peripheral nerve sheath tumors see peripheral nerve sheath tumors (PNSTs), orbit primary neuroblastoma of 3768 Rosai-Dorfman disease 3145в6, 3759 schwannomas see schwannomas squamous cell carcinoma 3271 see also squamous cell carcinoma tumors propranolol and tinnitus muscle differentiation 3774в6 tumors of uncertain histogenesis 3779в81 see also neoplasms orbital rim, removal 2899в900 orbital wall attentuation 2905 orbitofrontal cholesterol granulomas 3151 orbitomalar ligament 3472 Iв23 Page 1292 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пIв24 orbitotomy anterior 3010, 3057 cholesterol granulomas 3151 lacrimal gland tumors 2989 lateral 2989 lid crease approach, illustrated 3057 lymphatic vascular malformations 3010 organ transplant recipients, SCC 3302 OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 3489 OslerвWeberвRendu disease, AV communications 3013 ossifying fibromas 3188в9 orbital bone neoplasms 3781 OSSN (ocular surface squamous neoplasms) 3096, 3584, 3586 osteoblastomas 3189, 3781 osteogenic sarcoma 3189 osteoid osteomas 3781 osteoma choroidal 3642 paranasal sinus tumors 3089 osteopetrosis Propranolol hcl drug bank osteosarcoma, orbital what is the normal dosage for propranolol tumors 3782 ovarian endodermal sinus tumor 3111 Adverse side effect of propranolol p53 gene 3280, 3294, 3798 P100 amplitude, visual evoked potentials 3878 Pagetвs disease and peripheral nerve sheath tumors 3128в31 and sebaceous cell carcinoma 3314 PAI-1 (plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1) 2915 pain blind painful eye 3521 optic neuritis 3871в2 orbital 2888 tearing 3497в8 palsies abduction 4105 adduction 4105в6 cerebral 3917 double elevator 3398в9, 4060 elevatorвdepressor 4109в10 global saccadic 4113 global smooth pursuit 4113 horizontal gaze 4107в8 monocular vertical gaze 4112 optokinetic 4113 propranolol hcl drug bank supranuclear 4126 seventh-nerve 3413в14 trochlear nerve 4084 unilateral smooth pursuit 4113, 4114 vertical gaze 4110в11 vestibuloocular reflex 4113 see also oculomotor (third cranial) nerve papillary layer, dermis 3483в4 papillary oncocytoma, apocrine tumors 2980, 3347в8 papilledema 3866в8 blockage of axoplasmic transport 3867 clinical signs 3868 craniosynostosis 3191 fundus changes 3867 histologic features 3867в8 idiopathic intracranial pressure without 4009 local factors 3867 optic nerve pathology 3805 pseudopapilledema 3868 sarcoidosis 3921 see also optic atrophy papillomacular bundle, nerve fiber layer topography 3828, 3829 papillomas epithelial tumours 2997 lid pathology 3740 multiple viral 3585 paragangliomas 3039 paralysis episodic, and ophthalmoplegia 4054 of iris sphincter, segmental 4043 see also propranolol hepatic encephalopathy paramedian pontine reticular formation (PPRF) 4107 paranasal propranolol hcl drug bank tumors adenocarcinoma 3093 adenoid cystic carcinoma 3093 benign 3089, 3090 esthesioneuroblastoma 3093в4 and pseudotumor, orbital 2943 squamous cell carcinoma 3090в3 paraneoplastic optic neuropathy (PNON) 3809 paraneoplastic retinopathy clinical features 3850 immunological testing 3850в1 management 3853 pathology 3851в3 paraneoplastic syndrome, eye movement disorders 4126 paraphenylenediamine sensitivity 3256 parasitic infections 2970в1 dirofilariasis 2945, 2971, 3239 echinococcosis (hydatid cyst) 2912, 2970 eyelids 3237в40 orbital pathology 3757 toxoplasmic retinitis 3714 uveitis 3625в6 parietal lobe, retrochiasmal disorders 3955в6 Parinaudвs syndrome 3412 paroxysmal hemicrania 4005 PAS stain see periodic acidвSchiff (PAS) stain pathology anatomic pathology of eye and ocular adnexa 3563 blood vessel diseases 3556в61 cellular response to alteredinjurious conditions 3543в8 clinical laboratory diagnosis 3564в5 definition of вpathologyв 3543 histopathologic diagnosis, limitations 3565в74 inflammation 3548в53 see also inflammation neoplasms 3553в6 neuropathology 3561в3 vasculitis 3560в1 pattern electroretinogram (PERG), optic neuritis 3879 pattern standard deviation global indices 3825 probability plots, automated perimetry data analysis 3825 PCAs see posterior cerebral arteries PCR see polymerase chain reaction PDT see photodynamic therapy pediatrics bacterial infections bacteriology 2962в3 propranolol hcl drug bank presentation 2962 diagnosis 2962 therapy 2963в4 Caffeyвs disease (infantile cortical hyperostosis) 3129в30, 3194 cerebral degenerations 3908, 3917 cerebral palsy 3917 CRAO 3846 enucleation 3522 hypertension 4015 infantile hemangioma 3005, 3160, 3161 capillary hemangioma 3161, 3180 lymphomas, orbital 3186 metastatic orbital tumors 3087в8 myasthenia 4068 optic neuritis 3878 orbital disease 3160 orbital pseudotumor 2943в4 pseudotumor, inflammatory 3185 tearing symptoms 3503, 3505 tumors see retinoblastoma; rhabdomyosarcoma Peho syndrome 3916 PelizaeusвMerzbacher propranolol hcl drug bank, eye movement disorders 4126 Pelli-Robson chart 3814 Penicillin anthrax 3231 necrotizing fasciitis 3230 propranolol hcl drug bank 3231 PERG (pattern electroretinogram), optic neuritis 3879 pergolide, pituitary tumors 3941 periarteritis nodosa 2952в3 pericytes blood vessel diseases 3557 capillary, loss of 3698 perilipin, staining for 3315 perimetry automated 3821в6, 3827 new techniques 3835в7 bedside (clinical) 3818в20 change assessment 3821, 3825в6 clinical examination 3814 correct tests 3833в5 diagnostic role 3817 disease management guidance 3817 false-negative rates 3824 false-positive rates 3823 formal 3820в6 frequency doubling 3837, 3946 Goldmann 3817, 3819в22, 3830в7, 3956, 4025 high-pass resolution 3837 hypertension 4010в11 isopters 3817, 3820 kinetic 3817 light sensitivity 3820 motion 3837 purpose 3817, 3835 short-wavelength automated 3835, 3837 tangent screen 3817, 3819, 4025 periocular mesenchyme 3020 periodic acidвSchiff (PAS) stain acrospiroma 3352 alveolar soft-part sarcoma 3113, 3114 apocrine glands 3344 endodermal sinus tumors 3112 fibrous histiocytoma 3172 granular cell tumor 3115 lens 3654 optic nerve gliomas 3036 phakomatous choristoma 3797 schwannoma 3022 periodic alternating nystagmus 4116 periorbita, opening of 2900 periorbital inflammation 2888 periorbital palpation, ophthalmic examination 2886 periorbital reconstruction see reconstruction surgery periorbital sensations, ophthalmic examination 2886 periorbital structures, orbit 2897 periosteum, incision of 2900 periostitis, Pagetвs disease 3130 Page 1293 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пperipheral lesions, eye movement disorders 4105, 4109, 4110 peripheral nerve sheath tumors (PNSTs), orbit amputation neuromas 3035в6 benign 3019, 3020, 3021, 3040 CD44 expression 3035 chemodectomas 3039 clinical features and treatment 3128 clinical presentations 3020 granular-cell schwannoma 3039 juvenile pilocytic astrocytomas 3036 multiple cystic 3040 NF1 mutation 3033 optic nerve tumors see optic nerve tumors paragangliomas 3039 pathogenesis 3128 pathology 3128 protein S-100-positive 3034, 3035 radiographic and ultrasonographic diagnosis, comparison 3039в40, 3041 schwannoma see schwannoma Tritonвs tumors 3034 two-hit hypothesis 3033, 3034 see also malignant peripheral propranolol hcl drug bank sheath tumor (MPNST); multiple endocrine neoplasms (MEN); neurofibromas peripheral vestibular nystagmus 4117в19 periscleritis, idiopathic inflammation 2940 persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous Propranolol hcl drug bank 3679в80 PET scanning see positron emission tomography (PET) Peterвs anomaly anterior segment dysgenesis 3590в1 glaucoma 3730 PHACE syndrome 3008 phacoanaphylactic uveitis 3618в19 phakomatoses 3706в13 phakomatous choristoma congenital disorders 3753 unusual tumors 3362, 3388в9 pharmacologic agents abundant eyelashes 3436в7 deficiency of eyebrows and eyelashes 3438в9 phenothiazide, cataracts induced by 3667 Phenylephrine, ptosis 3405 PHN (postherpetic neuralgia) 3233 phosphenes, optic neuritis 3872в3 photodynamic therapy BCC 3286 Para que serve propranolol 40mg 3299, 3301 photophobia 4002 photoreceptors retina 3827 rodcone propranolol hcl drug bank 3827, 4029в30 phototherapy, scaly papules and plaques 3258 PHPV (persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous) 3679в80 phthiriasis, parasitic infection 3237в8 phycomycetes, infection by clinical presentation and diagnosis 2966в8 propranolol hcl drug bank 2967 pathophysiology 2967в8 prognosis 2969 therapy 2968в9 phytophotodermatitis 3256 piebaldism 3447 pigmentation disorders copper 3605 eyebrows 3447 gold 3605 iron 3604в5 melanin 3605 melanomas 3120 silver 3605 pigmented retinal choristoma 3117 clinical features and treatment 3116 pathogenesis 3116 pathology 3116 pilar apparatus, epidermis 3483 pilar cyst 3245в6 pilar tumors propranolol hcl drug bank 3357, 3358, 3745 trichilemmoma 3357в9, 3745 trichoepitheliomas 3360, 3745 trichofolliculoma 3359в60, 3745 pili torti, hair texture disorder 3447 pilocarpine, pupil constricting to miotic dose 4043 pilomatrixoma 3357, 3358, 3745 pimecrolimus, scaly papules and plaques 3257 pingueculae, conjunctiva 3582 PION see posterior ischemic optic neuropathy pituitary abscesses Propranolol hcl drug bank pituitary adenomas 3939в40, 3941 pituitary apoplexy 3940в1 pituitary gland 3936 placental tissue, and hemangiomas 3006 plasma cell proliferations 3061, 3061в2 plasmacytoma chiasmal disorders 3944 differential diagnosis 3767 pathogenesis 3766в7 plasmapheresis, myasthenia gravis 3399 plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) 2915 plateau iris syndrome 3734 cis-platinum, chemotherapeutic agent 2982, 3286 pleomorphic adenocarcinoma, malignant mixed tumor 2983в4 pleomorphic adenoma, lacrimal gland 2987, 2989в90 epithelial tumors 2978в9, 2980 pathology 3553, 3784в5 plexiform neurofibromas clinical features 3027в31, 3032 defined 3026 diffuse differentiation 3028 illustration 3030, 3041 localized, differentiation 3028 management 3031 neurogenic differentiation 3769 pathology 3031, 3032 pneumocystis carinii choroidopathy 3623 pneumosinus dilatans 3926в7, 3942 pneumotonometry, dural arteriovenous malformations 3990 PNON (paraneoplastic optic neuropathy) 3809 PNSTs see peripheral nerve sheath cloridrato de propranolol valor (PNSTs), propranolol hcl drug bank polaroid glasses, nonorganic visual loss 4020 poliosis 3447 polyarteritis nodosa 2952в3 arteritis from 3845 propranolol hcl drug bank chain reaction advantages 3573в4 conjunctiva 3580 diagnostic applications 3573 Kaposiвs sarcoma 3382 limitations 3574 pathology 3572в4 principles 3573 polymorphic amyloid degeneration 3597в8 polyneuropathies autosomal dominant progressive optic atrophy with 3915 hereditary 3916в17 polypeptide factors, wound healing 3552 pontine lesions 4122 eye movement disorders 4105в6, Propranolol hcl drug bank poroma, eccrine 3351в2 porous polyethylene, implant selection 3522 port-wine stain (PWS) 3005, 3008, 3012в13 positron emission tomography (PET) blepharospasm 3451 lymphoid tumors Citalopram en propranolol metastatic disease 3085 postchiasmal lesions, confrontation testing 3819 posterior cerebral arteries (PCAs) 3963 anatomy 3967 infarction 3969, 3970 posterior propranolol hcl drug bank circulation, hemispherical ischemia 3969в70 propranolol hcl drug bank circulation aneurysms 3979в80 posterior communicating artery aneurysms 3975в6, 4079 posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (PION) clinical and histopathologic features 3806в7 epidemiology 3806 and NAION 3890 posterior orbit lesions 2946 posterior polymorphous dystrophy (PPMD) 3595, 3596 posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC) 3659в61, 3667 posterior visual pathways, disorders affecting 3958 posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) 3689 complications 3690в1 epiretinal membrane 3690в1 macular hole 3690 postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) 3233 PPMD (posterior polymorphous dystrophy) 3595, 3596 PPRF (paramedian pontine reticular formation) 4107 Praziquantel, cysticercosis 3240 pRB (retinoblastoma protein) 3555 preaponeurotic fat, eyelids 3203, 3208 prednisone myasthenia 4067 pseudotumor, orbital 2948 sarcoidosis 3148 pregnancy, headaches in 4015 preoperative evaluation, laser resurfacing 3487 pretarsal orbicular muscle, inferior extraconal orbit 2882 pretectal syndrome, acquired lid retraction 3412в13 pretrichial forehead lift 3538в9 propranolol hcl drug bank mucinous carcinoma 3353в4 primary orbital neuroblastoma 3123 pathology 3122в3 primary position upbeat nystagmus 4116 primitive neuroectodermal tumor see neuroectodermal tumor, primitive prism tests, nonorganic visual loss 4020, 4022 procerus muscle, brow anatomy 3530 propranolol hcl drug bank bifocal chorioretinal atrophy 3631 Promethazine hydrochloride 3489 Proparacaine, topical anesthesia 3325 prophylaxis, laser resurfacing 3487в8 Propofol, sedating agent 3325, 3488 proptosis angiosarcoma 3125 bilateral inflammation 2888 dependent 2910 intermittent 2889, 2910 medial canthus, mass formation in 3309 melanomas 3120 pseudotumor, orbital 2941, 2942, 2943 pulsating 2889 rhabdomyosarcoma 3179 sebaceous carcinoma 3314 Iв25 Page 1294 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пIв26 proptosis (contвd) propranolol hcl drug bank and symptoms 2886в7 TAO 2917 prostate cancer metastases from 3078, 3084в5 timing and prognosis of metastatic disease 3079 prostate-specific acid phosphatase (PSA) Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3078 Prostigmin test, myasthenia 4064 proton beam therapy, ACC 2990в1 protozoan propranolol hcl drug bank keratitis 3602 proximal arterial system, vascular lesions of 3970в1 PSA (prostate-specific acid phosphatase) 3075, 3078 Propranolol hcl drug bank (posterior subcapsular cataract) 3659в61, 3667 pseudo-Graefeвs sign, aberrant regeneration 4080, 4081 pseudo-Mobius syndrome 4108 pseudoadenomatous hyperplasia 3640 pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia 3249 pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia 3249, 3740в1 pseudohorn cysts, seborrheic keratosis 3247 Pseudomonas, endophthalmitis 3520 pseudoproptosis features 2889 ophthalmic examination 2885 pseudotumor, inflammatory orbital anterior 2940 cell surface markers 2989 clinical manifestations 2940в4 diagnosis 2946в8 differential diagnosis 2944в6, 3761 general considerations 2939 histologic features 2988в9 intracranial extension 2943 orbital pathology 3760в1 and paranasal sinus disease 2943 pathogenesis 3761 pathology and pathegenesis 2939в40 pediatric 2943в4, 3185 posterior pattern 2942 slit-lamp examination 2886, 2940 T sign 2941 treatment 2948в9 pseudovascular SCC 3297, 3298 pseudoxanthoma elasticum, dural shunts 3014 psoriasis, eyelid manifestations 3750 psychiatric disorders, vision loss, nonorganic 4017 PTCH (tumor-suppressor gene) 3267, 3280, 3287 pterygia, conjunctiva 3582 ptosis blepharoplasty complications 3466 cicatricial 3403 propranolol clorhidrato mecanismo de accion, and pseudoretraction 3414 eyebrows see brow ptosis eyelashes 3443 involutional 3404 mechanical acquired 3403 myasthenia 4059в60 ptosis, acquired classification 3403в4 clinical evaluation 3404в5 propranolol hcl drug bank repair 3405в7 Mullerвs muscleвconjunctival resection 3407в8 see also ptosis, congenital ptosis, congenital examination 3395в6 lagophthalmos 3396 levator excursion and surgical approach 3395 levator maldevelopment 3397 management 3397в8 ophthalmic associations with 3397 see also ptosis, acquired pulsed-dye laser 3009, 3013 punctal surgery, lacrimal drainage 3511в12 pupillary abnormalities, efferent visual pathway 4026в7 pupillary membrane, persistent 3610 pupillary mydriasis, headaches 4001 pupillary reactions, ophalmic examination 2885 вpupillary sparingв phenomenon 4080 pupils aberrant regeneration of third nerve 4044 accommodation abnormalities 4046в7 and accommodative pathway 4029в46 Adieвs tonic 4043в4 afferent pupillary defects 4032 aniscoria flow chart 4036 cholinergic drugs, supersensitive to 4043 clinical examination 3814 efferent pupillary pathway, and integration in midbrain 4030в1 fixed and dilated 4044 ganglion cell input 4030 light-near dissociation 4044в5 myasthenia 4061 near response, testing for 4045 photoreceptor input 3827, 4029в30 pilocarpine, constricting to miotic dose 4043 pupillary inequality propranolol hcl drug bank in dark 4037 increasing in light 4042в4 pupillary near reflex and accommodation 4031 pupillary reflex dilatation 4031 relative afferent pupillary defects 4032в7 common diseases producing 4034 computerized pupillometry 4037 measuring 4035в7 smaller, slow to dilate 4037, Propranolol hcl drug bank вswinging flashlight testв 4032 see also efferent pupillary defects purpura, periocular dermatology 3259 Purtscherвs retinopathy 3694 Putterman Mullerectomy clamp 3408 PUVA treatment, cataracts induced by 3667 PVD see propranolol catecholamines vitreous detachment (PVD) pyogenic granuloma 3250, 3745в6 pyridostigmine bromide, ocular myasthenia 4066 Q quadrantanopia, homonymous superior or inferior 3832, 3833, 3834 Quickert sutures 3222, 3430в1 R racial factors, uveal tract neoplasms 3635 radiation dermatosis 3741 radiation necrosis, chiasmal disorders 3945 radiation optic neuropathy 3924в5 radiation retinopathy 3695в6 radiation therapy ACC 2981 BCC 3286 cataracts 3666 eyelid melanoma 3373 Gravesв ophthalmopathy 2928в9 LCH 3141 lymphoproliferative disorders 3000 melanomas 3101 natural killer T-cell lymphoma 3065 optic nerve sheath meningiomas 3898в9 pseudotumor, orbital 2948в9 rhabdomyosarcoma 3183 risks 3898в9 SCC 3300в1 radiation-induced optic neuropathy (RION) 3808 radioactive iodine (RAI) 2927 radiofrequency (RF) pulse 2890 radiographic analysis epidermoid and dermoid tumors 2905 importance of 2889 sebaceous carcinoma 3313 T1- and T2-weighted images see T1- and T2-weighted images see also radiotherapy radiotherapy external beam 3319 GCG 3149 Hodgkinвs lymphoma 3063 keratoacanthoma 3249 lymph node metastasis 3319 lymphoid tumors 3058 NXG 3144 pituitary adenomas 3941 sebaceous gland neoplasms 3319 visual field changes 2885 RANTES, chemokine 2916, 2917 RAPD see relative afferent pupillary defect rapid plasma reagent (RPR) 3876 rapidly-involuting congenital hemangiomas (RICH) 3015в16 rarefaction, aponeurosis Propranolol y hipertiroidismo ras genes, SCC 3295 Rathkeвs pouch, pituitary gland 3936 Raymondвs syndrome 4087 reactive lymphoid hyperplasia 3643, 3762, 3763 rebound nystagmus 4119 reconstruction surgery advancement skin flaps cheek and lower eyelid 3324, 3333 double rotation 3328 eyebrow, glabella and forehead 3332в3 V-Y and Y-V 3328, 3329, 3337, 3398 anesthesia 3324в5 bridge flaps 3324, 3336 canalicular repair 3338 defects assessment 3323в5 involving eyelid margin 3333в6 not involving eyelid propranolol hcl drug bank 3325в33 partial-thickness 3324 direct closure 3334 flaps, periorbital reconstruction AndersonвNowinksi propranolol hcl drug bank technique 3398 axial 3325 bridge 3324, 3336 design and closure 3327 nonmarginal periocular defects 3332в3 physiology 3325 free autogenous tarsal graft 3335в6 full-thickness skin grafting 3324, 3326в7 propranolol hcl drug bank flaps 3329 Hughes procedure, modified 3336 lateral periosteal flaps 3334в5 lateral semicircular rotational flaps 3334в5 lateral transposition skin flaps 3335 local cutaneous flaps 3327 M-plasty 3328 medial canthal 3337, 3338 nonmarginal defects, flap repair 3332в3 periosteal flaps 3324, 3334в5 random flaps 3327 rhombic flaps 3324, Propranolol hcl drug bank propranolol contra indicações flaps 3329 lateral semicircular 3334в5 second-intention wound healing 3323, 3326 Page 1295 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пreconstruction surgery (contвd) sharing tarsoconjunctival bridge flap 3336 skin flap design and closure 3327 skin flap physiology 3325 sliding flaps 3327в8 modified ellipses 3328 simple ellipse 3327в8 tarsoconjunctival 3335 transpositional flaps 3324, 3329, 3330, 3331 Z-plasty technique 3221, 3332, 3335 rectus muscles, intraconal orbit 2882 ReedвSternberg efectos propranolol clorhidrato, Hodgkinвs lymphoma 3062 refraction, ophalmic examination 2885 regeneration, aberrant, oculomotor nerve 3414, 4044, 4080в1 ReisвBuckler corneal dystrophy 3583, 3592 relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD) 3874, 4032в7 propranolol hcl drug bank diseases producing 4034 computerized pupillometry 4037 hypertension 4011 measuring 4035в7 moment-to-moment variability 4035 nonorganic visual loss 4023 relaxed skin tension lines (RSTLs) Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3326, 3327, 3333 reliability indices automated perimetry 3823в4 Goldmann perimetry 3821 removal of eye see enucleation; evisceration renal cancer, metastases from 3079 renal disease, hypertension 4015 RenduвOslerвWeber syndrome, capillary telangiectasias and venous angiomas 3987 residual light reaction 4042в3 responder bias, artifacts 3825 reticular layer, dermis 3483, 3484 reticulin staining, mesenchymal chondrosarcoma 3125 retinal detachment exudative 3692 hemorrhagic 3692 rhegmatogenous 3691в2 tractional 3692 transudative 3692 retinal diseases aging and degenerative diseases of 3685в9 ARMD 3685, 3686, 3687в9 epiopathology 3686 RPEBruchвs membrane complex 3686в7 congenital or inherited diseases of 3679 drug toxicity 3695в6 glaucoma 3725в6 infarction see retinal infarction and leukemia 3706, 3713 pathogenesis 3679 patients with CPEO 4051 radiation effects 3694в6 visual field defects, anatomy 3827в31 see also hereditary macular dystrophies; vitreous retinal dysplasia 3680в1 retinal infarction 3845в53 cilioretinal and branch retinal artery occlusions 3847 clinical manifestations Propranolol hcl drug bank management 3847 ocular ischemic syndrome 3847в9 paraneoplastic retinopathy 3850в3 permanent visual loss 3843 retinal vascular occlusive disease 3849в50 retinal ischemia 3839в54 big blind spot syndrome 3853в4 ocular ischemic syndrome 3847в9 paraneoplastic retinopathy see paraneoplastic retinopathy transient retinal ischemia clinical features 3841в2 clinical overview 3839в41 management 3842в5 retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) optic neuritis 3871, 3875 visual field defects, anatomy 3827в31 retinal neurophthalmologic disease big blind spot syndrome 3853в4 clinical manifestations 3839 embolic disease 3842, 3843в5 infarction 3845в53 retinal vascular occlusive disease 3849в50 vasospasm 3842, 3843 see also paraneoplastic retinopathy retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) aging of 3686в7 ARMD, histopathology Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3688 dysfunction 4051 etiopathology 3686 retinal structure nerve fiber layer, visual field defects 3827в31 photomicrograph of 3683 photoreceptors 3827 retinal trauma see choroidoretinal manifestations of trauma propranolol hcl drug bank vascular disease 3696в8 occlusive and neurologic disease 3849в50 retinal vein occlusion 3698 retinitis, infectious parasitic diseases 3714 viral diseases Propranolol hcl drug bank retinitis pigmentosa 3683в4 retinoblastoma 3700в6 clinical presentation 3802в3 differential diagnosis 3705 epidemiology 3802 exophytic and endophytic growth patterns 3702 genetics 3705в6 histopathology 3803 inherited form 3162 intraocular tumors, extension from 3101в2 metastases from 3704в5 natural history 3704в5 necrosis, with 3702в3 neuronal markers 3703в4 optic nerve 3802в3 and sebaceous carcinoma 3316 second tumors 3165 transmission electron microscopy 3703 undifferentiated 3701 retinoblastoma protein (pRB) 3555 retinoids congenital eyelid anomalies 3218 SCC 3301 retinopathy diabetic 3698 proliferative 3699в700 hypertensive 3696в8 Purtscherвs 3694 traumatic 3693 retinopathy of prematurity Propranolol hcl drug bank 3679 retinoschisis, vitreoretinal degeneration 3683 retraction, eyelid see eyelids, retraction retrochiasmal disorders Propranolol hcl drug bank lateral geniculate body 3954 occipital lobe bilateral disease 3959в61 unilateral disease 3956в9 optic tract 3953в4 parietal lobe Propranolol hcl drug bank posterior visual pathways, affecting 3958 temporal lobe 3954в5 visual radiations 3954в61 see also chiasmal disorders retrocorneal melanin pigmentation 3605 retrograde optic atrophy 3864в5 retroorbicularis oculi propranolol hcl drug bank (ROOF) 3209, 3210 rhabdoid tumor, malignant 3124 clinical features and treatment 3123 extrarenal 3780в1 pathology 3123 and rhabdomyosarcoma 3185 rhabdomyosarcoma alveolar 3775 alveolar soft-part sarcoma 3112, 3181 anaplastic 3181 botryoid variant 3775 cause 3184 chemotherapy 3184 differential diagnosis 3173, 3775 vs capillary hemangioma pediatric 3161 histopathologic 3184в6 vs lymphangioma 3180 vs malignant rhabdoid tumor 3123 embryonal 3774 International Classification of (IRC) 3181 mesenchymal lesions 2893 ocular and orbital changes, pediatric 3183 propranolol hcl drug bank sinus tumors 3094 pathogenesis 3774 pleomorphic 3775 spindle cell tumors 3181 spindle-cell variant 3775 staging and treatment 3182в4 striated muscle tumors 3178, 3179в81 visual problems 3183 rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile 3620 rhino-orbital mucormycosis 2944, 2967в9 rhinoscleroma 3757 rhombic skin flaps 3324, 3331в2 RICH (rapidly-involuting congenital hemangiomas) 3015в16 Rifampin, leprosy 3237 RileyвDay syndrome 3582, 3917 riMLF (rostral interstitial nucleus of the MLF) 4110 Riolan, muscle of 3212 RION (radiation-induced optic neuropathy) 3808 risk factors basal cell carcinoma 3266в7 nuclear cataracts 3658 uveal propranolol hcl drug bank neoplasms and tumor-like conditions 3635 rituximab hypersensitivity vasculitis 2954 Wegenerвs granulomatosis 2952 RNA, extraction 3571в2 rodcone differentiation, photoreceptors 3827, How long does propranolol last in system Rombo syndrome, basal cell carcinoma 3282 ROOF (retroorbicularis oculi fat) 3209, 3210 ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) 3679 rosacea rhinophyma of nose 3310 scaly papules and plaques 3258, 3260 RosaiвDorfman syndrome differential diagnosis 3759 histiocytic orbital disorders, benign 3145в6 pathogenesis 3759 Rosenmuller, valve of 3214 Iв27 Page 1296 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex propranolol hcl drug bank Volume 3 пIв28 Rosenthalвs fibers, optic nerve gliomas 3036 rostral interstitial nucleus of the MLF (riMLF) 4110 rotational skin flaps 3329 round cell tumors, and propranolol hcl drug bank cell tumors 3161в2 RPR (rapid plasma reagent) 3876 RSTLs (relaxed skin tension lines) 3325, 3326, 3327, 3333 RT see radiation therapy rubella, uveitis 3624 rubeosis iridis, uveal tract pathology 3628в9 S S-100 protein alveolar soft-part sarcoma 3114 fibrous histiocytoma 3172 granular cell tumor 3114 peripheral nerve sheath tumors, orbit Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3035, 3128 phakomatous choristoma 3389 Rosai-Dorfman syndrome 3146 sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy 3375 saccadic disorders global saccadic palsies 4113 slow saccades 4112 saccadic hypermetria, myasthenia 4061 SAH see subarachnoid hemorrhage Salzmannвs nodular degeneration 3598 sarcoidosis 2949в51 chiasmal disorders 3945 conjunctival nodules 3583 differential diagnosis 3784 erythematous papules 3259 etiology 3147 granulomatous and nongranulomatous inflammations 2988, 3921 histology 3147 intraocular inflammation 3921 investigations 3147в8, 3921 ischemic optic neuropathy 3921 lacrimal gland 2950в1, 3147в8, 3783 lacrimal sac 2996 management 3148, 3921в2 morphologies 3257 ocular disease 3147 ophthalmic and medical history 2885 optic nerve inflammation 3807, 3808 optic neuritis 3877, 3920 optic perineuritis 3921 papilledema 3921 pathogenesis 3783в4 prognosis Propranolol hcl drug bank retrobulbar optic neuropathy 3921 scaly papules and plaques 3258 surface epithelium, lesions of 3585 uveitis 3614в15 vasculitis 3560в1 scalp, anatomy 3441в2 scarring acne 3491в2 blepharoplasty complications 3443, 3479в80 laser resurfacing 3491в2, 3494 SCC see squamous cell carcinoma SchillerвDuval bodies, endodermal sinus tumor 3112 Schirmer test lacrimal drainage system 3500 Sjogrenвs syndrome 2955 Schnabel cavernous degeneration, optic nerve atrophy 3804 Schnyderвs corneal crystalline dystrophy 3594 Schwann cells 3019, 3021 amputation neuromas 3036 granular cell tumor 3114 malignant tumors arising from 3034 peripheral nerve sheath tumor, malignant 3127, Propranolol hcl drug bank plexiform neurofibromas 3031 schwannoma ancient 3022 Antoni A and B areas 3022, 3025, 3172 clinical features 3021в2 cranial nerve pathology 4087 CT appearance 3039 differential diagnosis 3770 cavernous hemangioma 3040 fibroblasticmyofibroblastic tumors 3172 granular-cell 3039 and leiomyoma 3024 malignant 3033 management 3025в6 pathogenesis 3770 pathology 3022в4 recurrence 3026 smooth muscle tumors 3177 see also neurofibromas; peripheral nerve sheath tumors scleroderma 3258, 3749 sclerosing sweat gland carcinoma 3356в7 sclerosis, LMs 3010 sclerotenonitis, idiopathic inflammation 2940 scotomas cecocentral 3828 central 3827 homonymous hemicentral 3833, 3836 homonymous paracentral 3833 junctional 3831 ring 3827 visual field 3827, 3828 screening examinations, automated perimetry 3822 sebaceous gland neoplasms 3312в16 BCC compared 3100, 3313 benign 3309в11 chalazion 3311 conjunctival disease 3318в19 diagnostic tests 3317в18 extensive disease 3319 gross eyelid disease 3318 histology of gland 3309, 3311 histopathology 3273в4, 3310, 3311, 3314в15 malignant 3312в18 pathophysiology 3273, 3310 prognosis 2895, 3315 sebaceous adenoma 3309в10, 3553 sebaceous cell carcinoma clinical features 3273 eyelid tumors, orbital extension 3100в1 genetic considerations 3317 Merkel cell carcinoma 3274в5 microcystic adnexal carcinoma 3274 Mohs surgery 3274 and systemic disease 3316в17 topographic distribution 3312 sebaceous cyst 3245в6 sebaceous gland hyperplasia 3310в11 treatment 3310, 3318в19 see also propranolol hcl drug bank cell carcinoma seborrheic dermatitis 3256 seborrheic keratosis 3247 and inverted follicular keratosis 3250 irritated 3249в51 lid pathology 3740 seborrheic wart 3247, 3250 sectoranopia, lateral geniculate nucleus 3832, 3833 see-saw nystagmus 3939, 4116 senile keratosis 3741 senile verruca 3247 sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy, ocular propranolol hcl drug bank melanomas 3343, 3371 anatomic considerations 3374 false-negative SLNs 3375в6 histopathologic analysis 3375 lymphatic basins at risk 3375 patient selection and indications 3374 positive SLN, care of patients with 3375 potential complications Propranolol hcl drug bank technical considerations 3374в5 septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) 3803 septum, orbital anatomy 2880в1, 3204 and Hornerвs muscle 2898 incision or excision of 3463 serologic tests, syphilis 3231 serotonin (5-HT) receptors 3998 serpiginous choriditis 3620в1 seventh-nerve paralysis, acquired lid retraction 3413в14 SEVLM (solitary, encapsulated venousвlymphatic malformations) 3011в12 Sevoflurane, anesthesia 3325 sexually transmitted infections 3231 SGA (subcutaneous granuloma annulare) 3148 shaken baby syndrome see nonaccidental injury SHML (sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy) see RosaiвDorfman syndrome short-term fluctuation, global indices 3825 short-wavelength automated perimetry (SWAP) 3835, 3837 sialomucin, mucinous carcinoma 3354 signet-ring adenocarcinoma 3355в6, 3744 silicone intubation, nasolacrimal duct obstruction 3504, 3507 silver pigmentation 3605 silver staining, optic neuropathies 3809 single-intensity screening strategy, perimetry techniques 3822 sinus disease bacterial sinusitis 3925в6 fungal sinusitis 3925 noninfectious sinusitis 3926 optic neuropathies secondary to 3925в7 paranasal 2943 tumors 3927 pneumosinus dilatans 3926в7, 3942 sinusitis 2963, 3925в6 sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy (SHML) see RosaiвDorfman syndrome sinus of Maier 3212 sinus polyposis 3174 SITA (Swedish interactive threshold algorithms) 3823 sixth nerve see abducens (sixth cranial) nerve Sjogrenвs syndrome 2954в5, 2988 xerosis 3582 skew deviation, ocular tilt reaction 4109 skin dryness 3255 skin flaps see reconstruction skin grafts, full-thickness 3324, 3326в7 skin melanomas, timing and prognosis of metastatic disease 3079 sliding skin flaps modified ellipses 3328 simple ellipse 3327в8 slit-lamp examination 2885в6, 2940 iris 4042 Page 1297 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пslit-lamp examination (contвd) pseudotumor 2886, 2940 tearing 3499 SLN biopsy see sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) 3076, 3077 small-vessel vasculitis 2954 smallpox vaccine 3234 smoking Gravesв ophthalmopathy 2927 TAO 2914 smooth muscle, blood vessel diseases 3557 smooth muscle tumors 3176в8 imaging techniques 3176 Smoothened (gene) 3280 snowflake degeneration 3683 solar comedones 3255 solar keratosis 3741 solitary fibrous tumor 3167в9 differential diagnosis 3168, 3772 somatization disorders, vision loss, nonorganic 4017 somatoform disorders, vision loss, nonorganic 4017 Sommeringвs ligament 3211 Sonic Hedgehog (protein) 3280 Propranolol hcl drug bank (suborbicularis oculi fat) 3209, 3210, 3471 Sorsbyвs fundus dystrophy 3685 Sotosв syndrome 3193 sound-induced nystagmus 4119 Southern and Northern analysis 3572 spaces, orbital 2897, 2900 spastic paraplegias, hereditary 3917 spastic quadriplegia 3915 sphenoethmoiditis 2964 sphenoid bone, superior extraconal orbit 2876 sphenoid sinus malignant disease of 3091 mucocele, chiasmal disorders 3946 sphenoidectomy 2910 spheroidal degeneration 3597 sphingolipidoses, lipid metabolism disorders 3603 spindle cell tumors conjunctiva 3586 immunohistochemistry 3570в1 rhabdomyosarcomas 3181 and round cell tumors 3161в2 SCC 3297, 3298 ultrastructural features 3164 spinocerebellar ataxias 3916 spiradenomas, eccrine tumors 3352 sporotrichosis 3235 propranolol hcl drug bank cell carcinoma BCC compared 3097, 3271 biological behavior 3293в4 clinical features 3269в70 degree of differentiation 3302 epidemiology 3293 etiology and pathogenesis 3294в5 eyelid tumors, orbital extension of 3099 histopathology 3270в1 imaging studies 3271в2 imaging techniques 3271в2 immunoprofile 3298 immunosuppression 3302 inherited dispositions 3297в8 invasive squamous neoplasms 3296в7 lacrimal gland 2984, 2992 lacrimal sac tumors 2997, 3003 lymph node disease 3271 misdiagnosis propranolol cell culture keratocanthoma 3248 moderately differentiated 3296 Mohs micrographic surgery 3299, 3300 noninvasive lesions, treatment 3299в300 orbital disease 3271 orbital invasion 3302 overview and pathophysiology 3269 paranasal sinus tumors 3090в3 perineural spread 3302 periocular, invasion routes 3298в9 pre-invasive lesions 3295в6 prevention 3302 prognosis 3301в2 treatment 3300в1 variants 3297, 3298 squamous papilloma 3246в7, 3584, 3585 square-wave jerks, saccadic intrusions and oscillations 4120 SSM (superficial spreading melanoma) 3369, 3748 Staphylococcus aureus infection 2962, 2963, 2964 blepharitis 3229 epidermal inclusion cysts 3245 hyperacute purulent conjunctivitis 3579 impetigo 3229 propranolol hcl drug bank inflammation 2945 methicillin-resistant (MRSA) 3229 necrotizing fasciitis 3230 periocular conditions 3256 Stargardtвs disease, hereditary macular dystrophies 3685 static strategy, perimetry techniques 3820 stereoacuity optic neuritis 3874 testing, in nonorganic visual loss 4020, 4022 stereoscopic vision, clinical examination 3813 steroid treatment glaucoma 3731 Gravesв ophthalmopathy 2928 lymphoid tumors 3058 topical steroids, skin conditions 3257 vitiligo 3260 see also corticosteroids; prednisone StevensвJohnson syndrome 3584 Sticklerвs disease, vitreoretinal degenerations 3681 STL (superior transverse ligament) 3204в5, 3211 storage diseases, and cerebral degenerations of childhood 3908, 3917 storiform (tumor cell pattern) 3024 strabismus craniosynostosis 3191 Gravesв ophthalmopathy Propranolol phosphatidic acid, 2929, 2932в3 вstrawberry marksв 3005 Streptococcus infection 2962, 2964 epidermal inclusion cysts 3245 impetigo 3229 and inflammation 2945 necrotizing fasciitis 3230 striate cortex, visual field defects, anatomy 3832в3 striate propranolol hcl drug bank 3605 striated muscle tumors 3178в86 imaging techniques 3178 rhabdomyosarcoma 3178, 3179в81 stroke Half life of propranolol 10 mg cause and evaluation 3968 hemispherical ischemia anterior cerebral circulation 3967в8 posterior propranolol hcl drug bank circulation 3969в70 unilateral occipital disease 3957в8 stromal propranolol hcl drug bank dystrophy 3592 StrumpellвLorrain disease 3917 SturgeвWeber syndrome 3012в13 subacute necrotizing encephalomyelopathy of Leigh 3917 subarachnoid hemorrhage aneurysms 3972, 3973, 3974, 3978, 3979 AVMs 3985 subclavian propranolol hcl drug bank syndrome 3970 subconjunctival approach, orbital surgery 2898 subcutaneous granuloma annulare (SGA) 3148 suborbicularis oculi fat (SOOF) 3209, 3210, 3471 subperiosteal space abscesses 2964 anatomy, orbital 2897 subthalamus, lesions of 4124 Sudan black B stain granular cell tumor 3115 sebaceous gland carcinoma 3743 sudoriferous cyst 3739 lid pathology 3739 sulfacetamide ointment, demodicosis 3237 Sulfadiazine, anthrax 3231 Sulfamethizole, mycobacterial infections 3236 sulfur colloid, sentinel lymph node biopsy 3374 sumatriptan, cluster headaches 4004 SUNCT and SUNA syndromes, headaches 4005 superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) blepharoplasty 3471, 3472, 3473 brow anatomy 3209, 3210, 3531 superficial spreading melanoma (SSM) 3369, 3748 superior approach, orbital surgery 2899 superior extraconal orbit 2875в81 superior oblique myokymia 4084, 4121 superior sagittal sinus thrombosis 3971 superior transverse ligament (STL) 3204в5, 3211 superolateral sub-brow approach, orbital surgery 2899 supraorbital foramen, superior extraconal orbit 2877в8 supratentorial dural arteriovenous malformations 3989 surface epithelium, conjunctival tumors benign 3584, 3586 bulbar conjunctiva 3585 epidermal inclusion cyst 3585 hereditary benign intraepithelial dyskeratosis 3584, 3586 mucoepidermoid carcinoma 3584 multiple viral papillomas 3585 precancerous and malignant lesions 3584, 3586 sarcoidosis 3585 squamous cell papilloma 3584, 3585 surgery ACC 2981 and anatomy 2897 complications see surgical complications extension 3319 headaches 4014 hypertension 4013в14 inferior approach 2899в900 lateral approach 2900в1 medial approach 2897в8 pituitary adenomas 3941 resection melanomas 3121 port-wine stain (PWS) 3013 spaces, importance 2897 successful, basis for 2897 superior approach 2899 techniques see surgical techniques trans-sphenoidal 3944 vision loss 4014 see also strabismus surgery surgical complications 2901 bleeding 3465в6 blepharoplasty lower eyelidmidface surgery 3479в80 upper 3463в7 canthal webbing 3467 decompression, orbital 2931в2 diplopia 3464 Iв29 Page 1298 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Propranolol hcl drug bank 3 пIв30 surgical complications (contвd) dry eye 3467 enucleation 3525 evisceration 3525 exenteration 3526 eyebrow lift 3443 eyelid crease abnormalities 3467 hemorrhage 3463в4 infection 3467 lacrimal gland prolapse 3464 lagophthalmos 3466 Mohs surgery 3275 oculocardiac reflex 3467 overcorrection or undercorrection 3467 ptosis 3466 scarring 3443, 3479в80 skin grafting 3327 visual loss 3463в4 surgical techniques 2897в901 dysthyroid eyelid retraction 3417в19 excision see excision, surgical exenteration see exenteration extirpation 3446в7 inferior approach 2899в900 lateral approach 2900в1 levator repair 3406в7 medial approach 2897в8 Mohs micrographic see Mohs micrographic surgery Mullerвs muscleвconjunctival resection 3407в8 optic nerve 2898 peripheral nerve sheath tumors 3026 resection see resection, surgical superior approach 2899 see also blepharoplasty; exenteration; lacrimal drainage system;; Mullerвs muscleв conjunctival resection; orbital surgery Susac syndrome, retinal disease 3849в50 sutura notha 3213 SWAP (short-wavelength automated perimetry) Propranolol hcl drug bank, 3837 sweat gland carcinomas adenocarcinoma of gland of Moll 3349в50 apocrine 3349в50 eccrine 3353в7 infiltrating ductal, primary 3355в6 mucinous, primary 3353в4 sclerosing 3356в7 sweat gland cyst 3739 lid pathology 3739 sweat glands, types 3737 вswinging flashlight testв, pupils 4032 sympathetic ophthalmia 3519в20, 3521 synophrys (fusion of brows) 3436 syphilis 3231 optic neuritis 3876 optic neuropathy 3919 uveitis 3622, 3623 syphilitic interstitial keratitis 3600 syringocystadenoma papilliferum, apocrine tumors 3345, 3346, 3744 syringoma, eccrine tumors 3350в1, 3744 systemic lupus erythematosus optic neuropathy in Propranolol hcl drug bank tissue disease 2954 systemic primary amyloid 3696 T T lymphocytes granulomatous inflammation 3550 myasthenia 4057в8 T-cell lymphomas 3064в5 cutaneous T-cell lymphoma 3255 differential diagnosis 3766 pathogenesis 3766 T1- and T2-weighted images cholesteatomas 3152 cholesterol granulomas 3151 comparative overview of radiographic and ultrasonographic diagnosis 3039 cysts 2905, 2909, 2911 granular cell tumor 3115 hemangiomas 3008 hematic pseudocysts 3150 mesenchymal chondrosarcoma 3124 optic nerve sheath meningiomas, secondary 3900 sarcoidosis 3148 solitary fibrous tumor 3167 VVMs 3011 tacrolimus, scaly papules and plaques 3257 tangent screen perimetry 3817, 3819, 4025 TAO see thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) tarsal kink syndrome, congenital entropion 3223, 3419, 3429 tarsal plates anatomy 3737 sebaceous gland 3309 tarsal strip procedures 3431в2, 3433 leprosy 3237 tarsorrhaphy, leprosy 3237 TayвSachs disease, eye movement disorders 4126 tazarotene, photoaging 3255 tear film, lacrimal system 3211 tearing examination 3498в501 history 3497в8 imaging studies 3500в1 imaging techniques 3500в1 lacrimal drainage system, clinical diagnostic test 3500 TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) 3844 telecanthus, canthal tendon abnormalities 3225 temporal arcuate fibers, nerve fiber topography 3828, 3829, 3830 temporal lobe, retrochiasmal disorders 3954в5 Tenonвs capsule anatomy of orbit 2875, 2880 CUFBES 3167 ocular motility 2887 pseudotumor, orbital 2940, Propranolol hcl drug bank and surgery 2898 Tensilon, myasthenia 4062, 4063, 4064 teratoma, congenital tumor 2903, 3754 Tersonвs syndrome, intracranial aneurysms 3973 Tetracaine, topical anesthesia 3325 Tetracycline anthrax 3231 blepharitis 3229 side effects and contraindications Propranolol hcl drug bank syphilis 3231 tetraplegia 3915 thalamus, lesions of 4124 thermal relaxation time, laser resurfacing 3485 propranolol and sertraline deficiency 3929 Thiel-Behnke corneal dystrophy 3583, 3592 third nerve see oculomotor nerve three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT) 3898 three-zone screening strategy, perimetry techniques 3822 3D-CRT (three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy) 3898 threshold-related screening propranolol hcl drug bank, perimetry techiques 3822 thrombosis cavernous sinus 2962, 3968, 3971 lateral sinus 3971, 4090 pathology principles 3557 superior sagittal sinus 3971 venous sinus 3971 thymectomy myasthenia gravis 3399 ocular myasthenia 4066в7 thymus, myasthenia 4057в8 thyroid gland carcinoma propranolol hcl drug bank 3020, 3082в3 Gravesв disease 2913в14 thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) 2913 propranolol hcl drug bank classification system 2920 clinical course 2919в20 clinical manifestations 2917в19 epidemiology 2914 inflammations 2988 orbital fibroblasts 2916в17 pathogenesis 2914в17 prevalence 2914 thyroidectomy 2914 thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) 2913, 2916 ticlopidine, retinal disease 3845 tissue propranolol hcl drug bank of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) BCC 3280 SCC 3295 tissue repair, and wound healing 3551в3 tissue response 3485в6 Titmus stereo test, visual loss 4022 TMB (transient monocular blindness), retinal disease 3840в5 TNF (anti-tumor necrosis factor) 3148 tobacco-induced optic neuropathy 3930 TolosaвHunt syndrome angiosarcoma 3126 cranial nerve abnormalities 4094, 4095 pseudotumor, orbital 2946 Torreвs syndrome, epidermal inclusion cysts 3245 propranolol hcl drug bank nystagmus 4116 Torula (cryptococcosis) 3235, 3920 total deviation probability plots, automated perimetry data analysis 3824в5 toxic optic neuropathies differential diagnosis 3930в1 ethambutol-induced 3930 halogenated hydroxyquinoline-induced 3930 methanol-induced 3929в30 and nutritional deficiency 3927 tobacco-induced 3930 toxocariasis 3625в6 toxoplasmosis 3625 trabecular carcinoma of skin see Merkel cell tumor tractional retinal detachment 3692 trans-cutaneous subperiostal approach, orbital surgery 2897в8 propranolol hcl drug bank surgery, chiasmal disorders 3944 transconjunctival surgical approach 2899, 2900 Gravesв propranolol hcl drug bank 2934 transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) 3844 transient monocular visual loss (TMLV) 3840в5, 3964в6 cause and evaluation 3965в6 classification 3965 symptoms and signs 3964в5 transient visual obscurations (TVOs) 4009 transmission electron microscopy, retinoblastoma 3703 propranolol hcl drug bank recipients, SCC 3302 Page 1299 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 пtranspositional skin propranolol hcl drug bank 3324, 3329, 3330 single-lobed and bi-lobed 3331 traumatic neuroma 3770 Treacher Collins syndrome 3192 Treponema pallidum (syphilis) 3231, 3622 Tretinoin propranolol hcl drug bank agent 3488 photoaging 3255 triamcinolone, Gravesв ophthalmopathy 2928 trichiasis 3444в5 colobomas, eyelid 3219 trichilemmoma, pilar tumors 3357в9, 3745 trichoepitheliomas 3360, 3745 trichofolliculoma, pilar tumors 3359в60, 3745 trichomegaly 3436 trichotillomania, hair loss 3439 trichrome stain, leiomyoma 3024 trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, headaches 4002, 4003 trigeminal nerve, anatomy 3019, Propranolol hcl drug bank Trilfluridine, vaccinia inoculation complications 3234 Trisomy 3, MALT lymphomas 3055 Tritonвs tumors 3034 trochlear fossa, superior extraconal orbit 2877 trochlear (fourth cranial) nerve abnormalities 4082в5 acquired 4083в4 congenital 4083 management 4084в5 palsy 4086 special syndromes 4084в5 anatomy 3019, 4073 propranolol hcl drug bank extraconal orbit 2878 tuberculosis 3236 differential diagnosis 3757 pathogenesis 3756в7 uveitis 3621 tuberous xanthoma 3152в3 tumor suppressor genes, inactivation in cancer 2983, 3555 tunica vasculosa lentis, persistent 3610 TVOs (transient visual obscurations) 4009 2020 Snellen acuity 3873, 3874 twin studies, Gravesв disease 2913 U ubiquinone, KearnsвSayre syndrome 4052 Uhthoffвs syndrome, optic neuritis 3873 ulceration, hemangiomas 3005в6 ulcerative propranolol hcl drug bank 3601 ultrasound 2890в1 B-scan ultrasonography 3150 comparison of radiographic and ultrasonographic diagnosis 3039в40, 3041 Doppler ultrasonography 3160, 3161 dural shunts 3014 hemangiomas 3008 ultraviolet radiation carcinogenesis 3554в5 SCC 3294, 3295 upper outer periorbital quadrant, lesions of 2903 uveal tract anatomy, blood propranolol hcl drug bank 3610 uveal tract neoplasms and tumor-like conditions 3632в3 acquired 3640в1 anterior uveal melanocytic lesions 3638в42 benign 3633в5, 3638в9 clinical propranolol hcl drug bank of malignant tumors 3635в6 congenital tumors 3640 extraocular tumor extension 3637 glioneuroma 3640 malignant 3635в8 malignant melanoma 3639, 3801, 3802 medulloepithelioma 3640 metastatic neoplasms 3644в5 microscopic findings 3637в8 nonmelanocytic primary neoplasms 3641в2 nonmetastatic secondary neoplasms 3645 pigmented uveal tumors, classification 3632в3 primary neoplasms 3632в3 prognostic indicators 3638 risk factors 3635 uveal tract pathology coloboma 3611в12 congenital and development abnormalities 3610в12 degenerative conditions see degenerative conditions glaucoma, secondary 3636в7 iris cysts 3611 iris hypoplasia and aniridia 3611 leukemia 3642 local and systemic diseases 3642в4 lymphoproliferative conditions 3642в4 macroscopic 3636 melanocytes, proliferations 3633в42 metabolic conditions, systemic 3626в8 normal anatomy 3609в10 pupillary membrane, persistent 3610 tumors see uveal tract neoplasms and tumor-like conditions tunica vasculosa lentis, persistent 3610 uveitis see uveitis vascular diseases 3628в9 uveitis acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy Propranolol hcl drug bank 3620 anterior autoimmune 3619 artificial intraocular lens implants, reactions to 3619 BehcМetвs disease 3615, 3616 birdshot choroidoretinopathy 3620 chronic 3612, 3663 clinical classification 3612 diabetes mellitus 3626 Fuchsв heterochromic iridocyclitis 3620 fungal 3624в5 HLA-B27 acute anterior 3619в20 HLA-B27-negative idiopathic anterior 3620 infectious 3621в6 inflammation 3613в14 juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 3620 leprosy 3621в2, 3623 Lyme disease 3622в3 metastatic bacterial endophthalmitis 3621 neurofibromatosis 3626в7 Nocardia asteroides 3623 parasitic 3625в6 peripheral 3620 phacoanaphylactic 3618в19 Pneumocystis carinii choroidopathy 3623 sarcoidosis 3614в15 serpiginous choriditis 3620в1 sterile 3614в21 sympathetic ophthalmia 3615в17 syphilis 3622, 3623 tuberculosis 3621 viral 3623в4 VogtвKoyanagiвHarada syndrome 3617в18 V vaccination, optic neuritis following 3920 vaccinia inoculation 3234 valaciclovir, prophylaxis 3487 Valsalva maneuver capillary telangiectasias and venous angiomas 3987 crying 2889 encephalocele 2907 external examination Propranolol and acetaminophen interaction metastatic tumors 3074 ophthalmic examination 2886 and TEE 3844 VVMs 3011 vanillylmandelic acid, pigmented retinal choristoma 3116 varicella zoster virus (VZV), herpetic stromal keratitis 3599 varix, orbital Propranolol hcl drug bank, 2945 vascular diseaseslesions 2892 arteriovenous malformations 2945, 3009в14, 3777, 3984в7 atherosclerosis 3558, 3559 capillary hemangioma 3745 cellular components 3556в7 chiasmal disorders 3944в5 cystic characteristics 2910в11 diabetic angiopathy 3559в60 differential diagnosis 3777 hypertension 3559 large vessels 3944в5 lymphangioma 3746 neovascularization 3557, 3558 occlusive events 3557 ophthalmic examination 2886 orbital pathology 3777в9 pyogenic granuloma 3745в6 radiation necrosis 3945 retina 3696в8 small vessels 3945 structure 3556в7 trauma and toxins 3945 tumors 3005, 3015в16 uveal tract pathology 3628в9 see also arteriovenous malformations; hemangiomas; vasculitides vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) 3556 vascular hypertension 3559 vascular optic neuropathy clinical and histopathologic features 3806в7 epidemiology 3806 vascular supply eyebrow 3209 eyelids 3206в7 midface 3210 vasculitides 2951 giant cell arteritis 3560 hypersensitivity 2954 and inflammation 2989 non-infectious inflammation Propranolol hcl drug bank pseudotumor, orbital 2945 retinal disease 3849 sarcoidosis 3560в1 Wegenerвs granulomatosis 3560 vasoocclusive disease 3964в71 brain stem, and cerebellar ischemia 3970 hemispherical ischemia see hemispherical ischemia PCAs, infarction 3969 proximal arterial system, vascular lesions 3970в1 transient monocular visual loss 3964в6 vasospasm, retinal disease 3842, 3843, 3845в6 VDLR (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory) 3876 VEGF Propranolol hcl drug bank endothelial growth factor) 3556 vein of Galen malformations 3986 veins and venules, blood vessels 3556 Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDLR) 3876 Iв31 Page 1300 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппIndex to Volume 3 propranolol hcl drug bank venereal diseases, syphilis 3231 venous angiomas, and capillary telangiectasias 3987 venous circulation 3964 venous sinus thromboses 3971 venous vascular malformations (VVMs) 3011в13 VEPs see visual-evoked does propranolol put on weight (VEPs) vergence disorders 4114в15 Verocayвs bodies fibroblasticmyofibroblastic tumors 3172 schwannomas 3022, 3025 verruca vulgaris, lid pathology 3738в9 verrucous SCC 3297 vertebral artery dissection 3984 vestibuloocular reflex disorders 4113в15 VHK syndrome see VogtвKoyanagiвHarada syndrome Vidarabine, vaccinia inoculation complications Propranolol hcl drug bank VIG (vaccinia immunoglobulin) 3234 vimentin angiosarcoma 3379 rhabdoid tumor 3123 schwannoma 3024 solitary fibrous tumor Blood pressure medications propranolol vincristine, rhabdomyosarcoma 3183 viral infections AIDS and HIV see HIV disease and AIDS cytomegalovirus 2954 EBV see EpsteinвBarr virus (EBV) eyelid 3232в4 human papillomavirus 3317 human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLVв1) 3064, 3065 lid pathology 3738в9 retinitis 3713в14 uveitis 3623в4 viral ulcerative keratitis 3602 vision loss acuity loss 4019, 4023в4 blepharoplasty complications 3463в4 cellulitis 2962 central retinal vein occlusion 3076 complications of surgery 2901 demonstration of visual field loss 3459 hypertension 4014в15 infections, orbital 2961, 2964 intracranial propranolol endikasyonlarД± 3972в3 nonorganic 4017в28 occipital lobe 3957 optic neuritis 3871 optic neuropathy 2919 retinal disease 3840 retinal infarction 3843 serious 4014в15 signs and symptoms 2888 surgery 4014 transient monocular blindness 3840в5 transient, with vascularlymphatic lesions 2910в11 see also blindness visual acuity ambulation, evaluation 4023 best corrected 2885 binocular loss, tests for 4023в4 bottom-up and вenduranceв refraction 4023 clinical examination 3813 finger-touching test 4023 hypertension 4011 loss 4019, 4023в4 mirrorthreat tests 4024 monocular and binocular loss 4019 visual electrophysiology in diagnosis 4024 visual field defects 3826в33, 3831в2 binasal field 3938 central field 3819 correct perimetric test 3833в5 lateral geniculate nucleus 3832 loss, monocular and binocular 4024в6 propranolol hcl drug bank 3938 nerve fiber bundle 3938 optic chiasm 3831 optic nerve 3827в31 optic radiations 3832 optic tract 3831в2 retina 3827 retinal nerve fiber layer 3827в31 striate cortex 3832в3 visual fields anatomy of defects see visual field defects bedside testing 3818в20 clinical (bedside) perimetry 3818в20 confrontation testing 3818в19 island of vision in sea of darkness, concept 3817, 3818 loss patterns 3937в8 normal 3817в18 ophthalmic examination 2885 optic neuritis 3874 testing, role of in chiasmal disorders 3936в7 see propranolol hcl drug bank chiasmal disorders visual radiations occipital lobe bilateral disease 3959в61 unilateral disease 3956в9 parietal lobe 3955в6 temporal lobe 3954в5 visual sensitivity automated perimetry data analysis 3824 to light, perimetry techniques 3820 visual-evoked potentials (VEPs) flash and pattern 4012 hypertension 4012 optic neuritis 3871, 3878в9 retrochiasmal disorders 3960 vitamin A, deprivation 3218, 3582 vitamin B12 deficiency 3928в9 vitiligo periocular dermatology 3260 SCC 3298 vitreoretinal degenerations, hereditary autosomal dominant vitreoretinochoroidopathy 3683 choroideremia 3684 familial exudative propranolol hcl drug bank 3682 GoldmannвFavre vitreoretinal degeneration 3681в2 gyrate atrophy 3684 lattice degeneration 3683 Norrieвs disease 3683 retinitis pigmentosa 3683в4 retinoschisis 3683 snowflake degeneration 3683 Sticklerвs disease 3681 Wagner syndrome 3681 vitreoretinopathy, proliferative 3692в3 vitreous aging and degenerative diseases of 3685в9 ARMD 3685, 3686, 3687в9 epiopathology 3686 RPEBruchвs membrane complex 3686в7 congenital or inherited diseases of 3679 degeneration 3689в91 hereditary degenerations see vitreoretinal degenerations, hereditary opacities 3696 vitreoretinal interface 3689 see also hereditary macular dystrophies; retina VogtвKoyanagiвHarada syndrome 3260 optic atrophy 3863 uveitis 3617в18 voluntary nystagmus 4120 von Graefeвs sign 2917 von HippelвLindau disease angiosarcoma 3126 cavernous hemangiomas 3988 optic nerve propranolol hcl drug bank 3896 von Recklinghausenвs neurofibromatosis 3020 peripheral nerve sheath tumor 3128 von Willebrand antigen, angiosarcoma 3126 voriconazole 2970 VVMs (venous vascular propranolol hcl drug bank 3011в13 W Wagner syndrome, vitreoretinal degenerations 3681 warfarin anticoagulation 3970 Warthin tumor 2980 Wegenerвs granulomatosis 2951в2 arteritis from 3845 cranial nerve abnormalities 4093 differential diagnosis 3758 lacrimal propranolol hcl drug bank 2996 and lethal midline granuloma 3131, 3132 and lymphomatoid granulomatosis 3068 pathogenesis 3758 vasculitis 3560, 3561 WeibelвPalade bodies, angiosarcoma 3126 weight loss, for hypertension 4013 WeillвMarchesani syndrome 3674 Wernickeвs syndrome 4126 Whippleвs disease 4126 Whitnallвs ligament 3204в5, 3211 Whitnallвs tubercle, superior extraconal orbit 2877 WHO (World Health Organization) on anthrax 3230 on B-cell lymphomas 3765 on lymphocytic propranolol hcl drug bank processes 3065 on melanoma 3372в3 on meningiomas 3800 on smallpox 3234 on solitary fibrous tumor 3167 on squamous cell carcinoma 3271 on unusual eyelid tumors 3163 Wilmsв tumor iris hypoplasia and aniridia Propranolol hcl drug bank pediatric metastic tumors 3087, 3162 Wilsonвs disease 3667 Wolfram syndrome (DIDMOAD) 3913, 3914 Wolfring, gland of 3211 wound healing corneal complicated, in surgical and nonsurgical trauma 3603 normal 3602в3 endothelial, and Descemetвs membrane 3602 epithelial 3602 faulty or incomplete 3552 laser treatment 3486в7 open wounds 3552 pathology principles 3551в3 polypeptide factors 3552 stromal, and Bowmanвs layer 3602 Wrightвs stain, leishmaniasis 3239 WyburnвMason syndrome, AV communications 3013 X X-ray epilation, lash follicle destruction 3422 X-rays, and computed tomography 2889 xanthelasma 3250в1, 3746 Page 1301 пппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппxanthogranuloma adult-onset 3143в4, 3760 juvenile 3142в3, 3642, 3760 lid pathology 3746 lipogranuloma differentiation 3153 necrobiotic 3144в5, 3760 pseudotumor, orbital 2945 xeroderma pigmentosum BCC 3282 lid pathology 3742 SCC 3297 xerosis (dryness) 3255, Propranolol hcl drug bank xerostomia 2954 Xylocaine brow lift 3533 endoscoptic midforehead elevation 3540 Y Yersinia enterocolitica, in Gravesв disease 2913 YV-plasty, BPES 3225 Z z protein antigen, alveolar soft-part sarcoma 3112 Z-plasty flap technique, periorbital reconstruction 3221, 3332, 3335 Zeis glands anatomy 3203, 3211, 3737 carcinoma propranolol hcl drug bank from 3313, 3314 sebaceous glands found in 3309 zidovudine, T-cell lymphomas 3064в5 zonular apparatus, and lens dislocation 3672в5 zonules, lens 3654, 3672 zoster ophthalmicus 3232 zygomatic hypoplasia 3192 zygomatic nerve, superior extraconal orbit 2877 zygomaticofrontal propranolol hcl drug bank, superior extraconal orbit 2876 zygomaticus major muscle, midface 3209в10 Index propranolol hcl drug bank Volume 3 пIв33 Page 1 п Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Prelim_Vol_1-X0016.

Treatment is focused on preventing further damage to the area with devices such as custom-fitted orthopedic shoes to eliminate pressure over the metatarsal heads. 13. 231. Anabolic steroids are used for purposes other than potential performance propranolol hcl drug bank Anabolic steroids are used by significant numbers of adolescents for the purpose of bodybuilding, more aggressive treatment with disease- modifying antirheumatic agents (DMARDs) earlier in the course is advocated.

There were ten such saccades in total for all subjects. 293. 36-11 Elastoplast occluder. Nevertheless, his greatest merit was to bring cosmetic surgery to the atВ tention of the medical profession who he criticized for their indifference and unwillingness to accept that even gross imperfections were worthy of treatment.

05 72. 69.engaging in unrestrained buying sprees, sexual indiscretions, or foolish business investments). Schreiner (Eds.

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  • Bв Bв FROLICH Lippincott Williams Wilkins, 2001, 832 pages, ISBN 0781725186 A multitopic textbook with few figures and tables. в It was also postulated that a transient association of the drug mole- cules with proteins on the surface of the microvillus membrane propranolol hcl drug bank involved in the formation of the activated complex propranolol the absorption process 1. Indd 154 05. Other medical treatments for pituitary adeno- mas are being assessed. cheap-ed-pills-online/100mg-clomid-no-period.html">100mg clomid no period lorazepam and propranolol buy-meds-online-no-prescription/buy-elavil-online.html">buy elavil online a living donor) who has no medical disorders and does not require an operation. Chem. - tmzwy

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